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Developing competent personalities who are ready to meet the demands of ever changing and dynamic 21st Century working world

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To provide a conducive learning environment with a heavy emphasis on discipline, honesty, hard work, integrity and self-reliance.

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Self-discovery, Passion, Cooperation, Freedom with Responsibility, Compassion, Reflection, Creativity, Innovation, Humility, integrity, team work and discipline

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Your son’s education will be handled by professionals, nurturing the best of your son’s academic abilities and other talents

We have directors who are renowned educationist and a team of qualified and dedicated teachers We have modernized teaching and learning facilities making the student the center of the learning process We are well versed with University systems locally and internationally and are best placed to guide and advise your son on University education


The school offers a unique international experience for students. Whilst emphasis is placed on their own culture and traditions as well as those of Kenya, they also learn to appreciate the diversity the world has to offer and will be enriched by a kaleidoscope of ideas and views.


We embrace a world-centred perspective, promoting programmes that provide opportunities for students to develop their full potential in all respects. The Edinburgh Core values are part of the planned curriculum and form the foundation for our educational programmes .


Underpinning our strong academic programme is our belief in a holistic education. One of our prime values is the development of leadership skills to achieve the best from all students. Through these skills, the students are able to create a stimulating learning environment for themselves as well as develop confidence and enjoyment within nurturing surroundings.


Edinburgh is supported by a network of eminent local and international advisors who include world leaders and experts who are "game-changers" and influencers on the global stage.


Edinburgh is a leadership development center with a Private international Boys Boarding School offering 8-4-4 & IGCSE (year 9 - 13) system of education.

creating a relaxed atmosphere and a positive learning environment, with modern state of art facilities.

creating a relaxed atmosphere and a positive learning environment, with modern state of art facilities. At Edinburgh we believe that by adopting clearly defined expectations, we will provide the students with the security necessary to achieve their potential within a relaxed but academically rigorous environment.

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Address: Murang'a Town Next To Murang'a University
Phone Number: +254 701 607 607, +254 706 607 607
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